Acrylic, Melamine & Plywood Sheet Cutting

Cutting Acrylic sheets with CNC routers gives you a smoother finishing but not every CNC cutting company can provide this service the way you expect. From a technical point of view CNC cutting of an MDF or Wood material is completely different from cutting an Acrylic sheet.

Empowered by the advanced digital and hardware systems, we provide in house Acrylic cutting, bending, welding and routing services using CNC routing technology. Our experience in acrylic displays CNC-cutting (mostly used as standing displays or full color advertising panel) is almost unique.

While MDF & Wood are essential materials of Cabinet making industry, other required materials such as Melamine & Plywood sheets must not be forgotten. Our CNC routers are equipped with accessories for fast and clean cutting and finishing of variety of materials including Melamine & Plywood.

Advantages Of CNC Acrylic Cutting:

● Rapid Turnaround
● Custom Finishes
● Material Selection
● High Precision from +/-0.001″ to 0.005″
● Scalability (perfect for production of 1-10K parts)
● Perfect for indoor use
● Perfect for covered outdoor use

Advantages Of CNC Plywood Cutting:

● Minimum chipping
● Easy to clean
● High cutting precision
● Less waste & breakage
● High cutting quality