MDF Cabinet Doors

The core of these doors is comprised of MDF. Because there is no woodgrain showing through, they are perfect options for painting. MDF does not have many limitations of natural wood but holds many of its similar characteristics. Since MDF has a very consistent composition, the end product usually has sharp, clean edges, without burring or chipping. MDF is also denser than most conventional woods. Therefore, we only use the highest quality tools for trimming and cutting. MDF also can be glued and hold screws.

Different Styles of MDF Cabinet Doors:

Cabinet door producers use MDF for cabinet door panels for its functional properties. MDF offers unlimited options when it comes to style. That means you can find low-cost, high-performance doors in various looks, ranging from classic to contemporary. MDF panels with glass included are another option to consider, and when you pair any door with blum hinges, it gives the product a premium quality. It gives us the liberty to produce the style that matches your taste to complement your space.