Texture Melamine Flat Doors
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Texture Melamine Flat Doors

Higher strength and resistance to heat and stain

Due to durability and cost effectiveness, Texture melamine flat doors are a popular choice in both residential and commercial applications. Made with Melamine and High-Performance Laminate slabs, such wood grain patterned doors and drawers stay cleaner and present the same surface quality on front and back sides.

Texture Melamine Panels with modern look can be employed in both horizontal and vertical directions. Higher strength and resistance to heat and stain keeps the color, design, pattern and appearance of final products for a time period longer than any other kind of solid wood product.

Advantages of Texture Melamine Flat Doors:

  • Low Maintenance: easy to clean with almost every nonabrasive house cleaning material.
  • Long Lifetime: Good resistance to physical and chemical damages.
  • Flexible in design and customization: wide variety in gran and color.

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